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Rather than flooding your inboxes with just updates of old drawings I have re-uploaded the retakes without clicking the 'notify watchers' button. So if you care for clearer pictures here's the re-uploads: Uni Sub-Alphabet Qui Sub-Alphabet Circe Sub-Alphabet 
I have not re-uploaded the Po Sub-Alphabet yet because for some reason this new scanner hates neons. They show up really light or just not at all, yellow and orange are the worst. I tried adjusting the contrast and brightness but that didn't work. Oh well, they'll look better when I take them under black light. 
Later in the day I will be posting a new batch of drawings. This batch is the first that I used baby oil for blending and I think I'll stick with it instead of rubbing alcohol in the future. 
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The Rathal Zone by Myrinmara
The Rathal Zone

The Rathal Zone


The Rathal Zone, or in the human tongue the Open Zone, is an area of the universe where Centers live. It is divided into the Inner Rathal Zone and the Outer Rathal Zone. The zone is home to or has been known to house eight Centers at one given time.


Movement of the Zone


The Rathal Zone moves in a circular like current. The inner zone moves at three times the speed of the outer zone and goes in a clockwise motion. The Outer Zone moves slowly and goes counter clock wise. There is one stream that comes from the Outer Zone and crosses into the Inner Zone after a certain number of years. The single stream then reverse into the Outer Zone to remove any unneeded debris.


Types of Centers Seen in the Zone


The Centers found in both the outer and inner Rathal Zone are usually circular or oval in shape. They have a sphere like mass in the middle with arms that stretch out from their center. They have anywhere between four and ten arms each and they all turned counter-clockwise. This excludes one Center that was pear like in shape and did not rotate. The genders of the Centers in the Rathal Zone are six Neither Gender, one Both Gender, and one Male Gender.


Zone Population


The Inner Rathal Zone


The Inner Zone is the main section of the Rathal Zone where all the Centers have lived at least once. It’s usually kept very clean and is constantly being cleared of debris so the Centers stay healthy. At one time there were a total of 8 centers living in the Inner Zone, four of which were Super-Centers. They were Manwom, Mowama, Supcen, Neitooger, Roosu, Bothnei, Malfamal and Shehe. Currently only 5 now live in the inner zone, Supcen, Roosu, Bothnei, Malfamal, and Neitooger.


The Outer Rathal Zone


The Outer Zone is the section of the Rathal Zone that housed only a few Centers in the past. It is mainly used as a trash can for the Inner Zone. Centers need a clean area to live in, however a few have been able to thrive by using the debris to grow. So far it is only Super-Centers that can survive in the Outer Zone. Currently there is only one center that lives in the Outer Zone, Shehe. There was at a time three Centers that lived in this zone after the Center’s Mowama and Manwom moved in. Since the death of the other two, Shehe is the only inhabitant of the Outer Zone.


Laws of the Zone


The Super-Center Supcen created the laws of the Rathal Zone. These laws apply mostly to the Centers but a few apply to a Center’s inhabitants.


There is one law that applies only to Centers: Centers cannot kill and/or devour another Center. If they do, they are separated from the rest and sent to the Outer Zone but not out of the Rathal Zone itself.


The two laws that apply for both Centers and their inhabitants: 1. Centers and Creatures cannot enter to the Inner Zone from the Outer Zone if the Center has been permanently placed there. This does not apply to Centers who have chosen to live in the Outer Zone. 2. Centers and Creatures cannot leave the Rathal Zone all together whether they no longer wish to live there or get banished from the other Centers.


And there is one law that applies only to the inhabitants of a center: Creatures cannot leave their Centers. If a creature leaves their Center they will not be allowed back in nor are they allowed in other Centers. This does not apply to creatures whose Center was devoured, or has died. Plus Centers who live in the Outer Zone can allow their creatures to go a certain distance away from their borders as long as they have the intention of returning.

Ob by Myrinmara
The picture says all you need to know for now

Pronounced: ob (short 'o' )

Update 6/24/14: Picture has been retaken/trimmed to fit the scanner


























Xe by Myrinmara
The picture says all you need to know for now

Pronounced: zi (long 'i')


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